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"Unlock Creativity and Boost Team Spirit with Michael Dardant's Improv Workshops. Elevate your team's communication skills, foster creativity, and strengthen collaboration through engaging and interactive improv sessions led by a seasoned expert. Book now for a transformative experience that will leave your group inspired and ready to conquer any challenge!"

“A long time ago I discovered that when employees are passionate about their work, customers are passionate about the company.” –Quint Studer, American Philanthropist


"In these volatile times, where the fear of uncertainty often fuels workplace anxiety, it's crucial to adopt a fresh approach to training. Instead of battling fear, let's empower your team to embrace it, thriving in an environment where uncertainty is not just accepted but welcomed.

Discover how Corporate Improv can benefit your employees:

  • Enhance tolerance for uncertainty.

  • Improve social interactions and teamwork.

  • Foster divergent thinking and innovation.

  • Elevate overall positivity and well-being.

  • Transform failures into opportunities for growth and fun.

With over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Michael is a versatile talent, boasting a rich history as a comedian, emcee, and speaker. His extensive portfolio includes performances on global stages, serving a diverse clientele, from major corporations to national sporting events. Michael's quick wit and mastery of improv make him the ideal guide to navigate any challenge and command the stage in any setting!"

"The Guest Speaker's presentation was interesting and informative. All the magic tricks were awesome and doing the games was fun, but when he taught us about improv and it's practical uses, that was truly amazing to me. Improv can enhance your work and allow you to be more sociable because you become able to think on your feet and outside the box, problem solve quickly, and interact with others in a fashion that supports them as opposed to just drawing attention to yourself."


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